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"Ready to up-level your business faith?"
To Step into Everything God Has Created You To Be? 
Everything He Has Equipped You To Do? 

Hey Lovely,

Do you want to build a successful business, with certainty, while keeping God first in your life? So you can be more, do more, serve more? And gain un-shakeable confidence that THIS is what you're called to do?

Do you want to up-level your faith to match the desires God has given you? 
So you can make a greater impact?
And step into your full potential as the Godly Girl Boss you were created to be?

Who is this for?
If you yearn to be used by God to positively impact others, but feel stuck, unclear or 

If you hunger for more of the Lord and are committed to fulfilling your calling, but are 
failing to find your path

YOU are who I am called to serve! :) Keep reading… 

And if you feel you’ve arrived and have no desire for additional spiritual or personal growth... 
You probably don’t need my support. 

Can I share something personal?
I started my first business six years ago, and I failed. 

I could see success. I could taste success. Yet the need for income weighed heavily on my shoulders. 
I felt the pressure... 
So I hustled HARD. 

Within 18 months I hit a financial target that felt really good. So I slipped into thinking ‘hustling 
hard’ was the only way to build a successful business. I pressed on. Hustling hard. Making 
sacrifices. And I reached my financial freedom target. But that win cost me my relationships. My 
relationship with the Lord. My relationships with my family. It also consumed all of my available
 time. So in a way, it cost me my relationship with myself. I could see hustling hard had changed
 me. And I didn’t much like who I had become.

So while in one way I succeeded. In other ways… more important ways, I completely failed.

I’m sure you can see why I could not maintain that success. 
It was not from the Lord. 
My business was not rooted in Him…
So even though I prayed regularly, asked Him to order my steps, even thought I trusted Him.

The fundamental principles of a God centered business were missing. 

I was trying to build a profitable business without any HEART work. This is like driving a car with 
the gas gauge on empty. You can only get so far, before you stall out. 
That’s what happened to me. I stalled out…
Then I got stuck. 
I had no peace. 
I felt defeated.
My faith was depleted.
And I HAD NO IDEA WHY! Until much later :) ...

I learned that a business can go only so far on strategy alone.

As a child of God, I learned I could only last so long without peace. 

Eventually I got so overwhelmed with the hustle, I begin to desperately crave more of the Lord. 

I’m sure you’ve felt this too, right? 
When something is ‘off’ in your life, or business, you begin to crave peace and balance.

This was such a hard lesson to learn. 
I was SO stubborn and resistant to the Lord’s prompting. But in obedience... 

I began to pursue the Lord like never before.

After all my pitfalls; after trying and failing… after losing steam and getting stuck…
I made a decision to shift my process from the world’s way of doing business, to God’s way.

I realized that my business was a direct reflection of what was in my heart. I knew I would never 
be satisfied without Him, and…

As I prepared my heart to perceive and receive God’s true calling; I came to understand that 
God’s best is far better than what I had been settling for.

And when I did, He taught me what I had been craving to learn. The fundamentals of building 
and maintaining a successful business without compromise.

He gave me a Divine Blueprint for God-Centered Business Success.

As I embraced running a God centered business, I began to see and feel significant changes.

I began to experience significant increases and I gained incredible freedom! Right?
All of which led to an AH-HA moment!
I realized that I HAD to learn the hard way so I could guide YOU to… 
  •  Implement His divine blueprint in YOUR business. 
  •  Get your own incredible results. 
  • Increase your faith and believe bigger. 
  •  Embrace all that God has called you to do, all that He created you to be.
  •  Release your limitations and prepare for an increase. 
  •  Match your heart and mind with scripture.
This is What You Want! Right?
Now that you’ve heard my story…
Now you know that success without God comes at the cost of your faith, your relationships, your 
time, your confidence…
Now you know that there IS a divine blueprint…
A God-directed path that is ultimately satisfying and fulfilling...
path that allows the Lord to do so much for you…
Introducing The Heart Project, an 8-week group program designed for… 
Female Christian Entrepreneurs who are hungry for the Lord.

The woman who wants to achieve success by embracing her calling. 

Godly Girl Bosses who want to build their business using God’s own blueprint..

By The End Of Our Time Together, you will be...
  • Fully Focused On Where You're Going
  • Trusting God To Get You There 
  • Believing Bigger
With His blessing, you will have a greater impact and influence, not only in your business, but in the Kingdom of Heaven as well.

This is my passion project because for so long, I searched for God’s best. 
Now that I have found it, I can say with confidence.. 
The Heart Project guides you to apply God’s Divine Blueprint to:
  •  Increase your passion and drive for your business or idea
  •  Water the heck out of your own grass instead of looking at others
  •  Become more consistent with your prayer and bible reading
  •  Know what and how to pray for your business
  •  Discover the difference between craving success and craving God’s best
  •  Define what success looks and feels like for you and why you haven’t met that financial goal yet
  •  Uncover any lies, fears or worries around money and rewrite your money story so you are readily available to give, spend and receive.
  •  Gain confidence that God supports your success 
  •  Get crystal clear on where you’re going and WHY
  •  Define your purpose, calling and what you do 
  •  Discern what needs to change in order to make your business profitable
  •  Discover why you are qualified & able to do what God has called you to do and the specific qualities that make your business unique to you so that you can eliminate self doubt and begin walking in your full potential and feel deserving of his blessings
  •  Implement strategies to increase your focus 
  •  Learn how to plan for your success and prepare for an increase
  •  Get clarity on your next steps and a personalized focus plan
  •  Implement a simple organization system that will increase your productivity and save you a day, or more, each week
PLUS You Get: 
  •  A BONUS training with Financial Success Coach, Jaclyn Wise.
  • Templates for your own time-saving Business Organization System (B.O.S. Board) 
  •  To meet my Godly Girl Boss Community in an exclusive Facebook Group. Give and receive support in bringing your business visions to life!
  • A special invitation to join me in a 3 day fast and 21 days of prayer for your business
  •  A LIVE Vision Board Party
  •  A FREE GIFT delivered right to your door (U.S. Residents Only)
You will be completely focused on where you are going. You will trust in God to get you there and confidently move forward, building your business in the Lord!

I struggled for so long because the truth is… Hardly anyone is teaching this!

This is unlike any other program you’ve ever done. :-) 

What you learn will have a far greater impact on your success than any marketing strategy, attraction principle, HARD hustling, or chasing the next big thing ever can! 

God says in Deuteronomy 1:11, that He will increase you a thousand times and bless you as He has promised.
 I don’t know a single marketing strategy or business tactic that can 

give you a thousand times return. 

Did you know King David had a small army? Only around 400 men. Yet he never lost a battle!

In almost every battle, the enemy felt confident they would win because they outnumbered 

David’s army by thousands! Only the Lord provides THAT kind of increase!

Ephesians 3:20, God can always do far more exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or think
Once you’ve completed the program, a few things will happen.
First, you’ll have loads of confidence and clarity that you did not have before
Second, you’ll know how to build your business with balance and ease.

This is key because without eliminating your fear and self doubt, you won’t be able to step into 
the level of greatness that God desires for you. You’ll be left struggling, unsatisfied and 

Third, just like Elisha demonstrates for us ( 2 Kings 2) your heart, mind and faith will be so 
focused on your vision, that your determination will outweigh any other possible outcome. 

So there you have it!

The Heart Project shows you how to use, God’s Divine Blueprint in your business

Join me and other Godly Girl Bosses inside our private Facebook Community.

Get unlimited email support, and a personalized ONE-ON-ONE coaching call to map out your 

God-Centered Business Plan.

If you are still reading you are interested… AND for a very limited time, (because my mission is
to impact the heart of 10,000 amazing women of God) I am offering this at a very generously low price! And it’s just always more fun to do things with a friend! Am I right? So invite that bestie to come along with you!

This all sounds amazing, right? And there’s ONE thing to keep in mind.
Time Is Of The Essence. 
The next intake begins April 29th, with Module 1 being released on May 6th. 
After May 6th, the price will never be this low again. 
In fact, the doors may shut BEFORE May 6th due to the limited space for 1:1 sessions. 
This is a first come, first served opportunity... So Don't Miss Out!

Many places have already been taken by the amazing women of God in my community…
The remaining spots will definitely sell out fast.

You are seeing this personal message because I consider you part of my Inner Circle.

Take this opportunity to secure your place… before I open this up to anyone else.  Because once

I do that, any remaining seats will sell fast. It’s a simple matter of supply and demand.
My Biggest Guarantee Yet!
When I built The Heart Project I thought long and hard…
How I could make this an absolute “No Brainer” for you to join me for 8 weeks
How could I take away all your risk?
Then I Had Another Ah HA Moment!
I 100% guarantee…If you don’t absolutely love the program and receive huge value from the 
training after completing the first 4 Modules,  I’ll refund your entire payment 
within your first 30 days.
Just let me know by phone, before scheduling your personalized one-on-one strategy session.

In return, all that I ask is that you provide proof you have completed the first four modules and 
workbooks. Sound fair?

So now I’m going to answer The Big Question…
What is your investment to join me in The Heart Project for 8 weeks?

If you’re still reading, chances are you know that this program is what your soul has been 
longing for.. It’s ALSO what your business needs right now. PLUS.. you get to write it off as a tax
deduction ;) 
Grab your spot right now for only $597 USD. 
This price is only available for 5 days and will increase on Saturday May 11th
8 MODULES OF SCRIPTURE BASED FAITH BUILDING TRAININGS for an overall Business Confidence Makeover ($3,000 VALUE)
PERSONALIZED 60 MINUTE ONE-ON-ONE COACHING CALL to map out your God-centered Business Plan ($175        VALUE)
Look, if you’re serious about joining me and transforming the desires in your heart into the  
business the Lord Is calling you to, act now. Take a brief moment for prayer, then claim your 
seat before they’re all gone.
Thanks for staying with me Lovely! I look forward to welcoming you to our Godly Girl Boss  
Facebook Group and seeing you on our orientation call! 

Chat soon,

PS: I’ll also be sending you a special gift (U.S. residents only), so watch your mailbox! (Be sure to include your best
shipping address if it’s not your billing address! No, I’m not giving any hints, it’s a surprise! ;)

PPS: Reach out to your friends! Share this personal message and see who wants to take this 
journey with you! After all, Everything is better with a friend and what woman doesn’t love a deal? :)
Frequently Asked Questions...
Q: Will I be able to ask questions and get feedback?
A: YES! In addition to the group calls where you can ask questions and get hot-seat coaching, I will also be active in our Facebook Group, popping in to answer questions several times each week. 

Q: I haven’t started a business yet but I think I want to… Is this for me?
A: YES! If you feel in any way called to launch a God-inspired, God-supported business, this program is definitely for you.

Q: I’ve had my business or side hustle for a while now, but I’m not making the money I desire, is this program for me?
A: YES! ! My first business was in Health & Wellness. I’m passionate about this field but something didn’t feel right about my direction. After getting back down to the basics and applying God’s divine business blueprint, I relaunched. This time everything took off! I wasn’t questioning if I was on the right path, I KNEW I was. I was able to confidently build my business, create the impact and earn the money I desired. A profitable business begins in the heart. :) 

Q: Will there be additional investments I need to make? 
A: NO! Every resource you will be using is included. :) 

Q: How is this group program different?
A: I’m here to support you in bringing God into your business and grounding you in your faith for long term success. My goal is YOUR success. I want you to step into EVERYTHING God has prepared for you!

Q: I don’t know if it’s the best time for me to invest. 
A: This is not actually a question but it comes up a lot. And I understand! Investing in our business only comes easily when we build our business confidence and begin thinking like a CEO. The reality is, you will always feel a little nervous excitement around a business investment. Making changes in your life and business is scary. I’ve been there too. But at some point, if you want different results you need to take different actions. If you want this year to be different from last year, change is necessary. Is your business worth breaking through that fear?

Have questions? Let's chat! Email info@godnbusiness.com
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